Low-rise residential building

Boris Litvak street, 36


of the project

"House on Meshchanskaya" is located in the historical center of Odessa. 

We present our project as nine-storey apartment building, which consists of 64 apartments, 8 commercial premises and a closed parking lot.

Due to its historical location, architecture and thoughtful layouts, the house will be filled with a special atmosphere of warmth, comfort and coziness.

Дом на Мещанской «Дом на Мещанской» находится в историческом центре города Одессы. Всего 9 этажей и 64 квартиры, 18 паркомест и 8 офисных помещений.


of the relationships

In the traditions of our company, to act, first of all, in the interests of customers and offer them only the best - a product that we ourselves like, where we would love to live on our own. 

“House on Meshchanskaya” is the fifth project of our family company.
We very carefully approached the understanding of what will be important and necessary for the residents of the house.



Meshchanskaya (now Boris Litvak St.) is one of the oldest and quietest streets of Odessa.

Она имеет богатую историю, в которую тесно сплелись и дворянские вельможи и промышленное прошлое. 

The apartment building is located on the street. Boris Litvak, 36, between Bolshoi and Malaya Arnautsky.

A source - http://odpublic.net/articles/2013/07/10/meshhanskaya-ulits

Thanks to a good location, with5 minutes walk you can get to Privoz, the Rodina cinema, Old Bazaar Square after 20 minutes, dine on Deribasovskaya or go along the Health Route and swim in the sea. 

In 5 minutes there is a guarded parking in the "New Privoz".

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