Low-rise residential building

36 Litvak street






of offices


parking place

At the junction of history
и современности


"House on Meshchanskaya" - a small apartment building that is being built
in the historical area of the city and should become an adornment of Boris Litvak Street.

“House on Meshchanskaya” is the fifth construction project that our company creates.

Between two existing buildings, we precisely and harmoniously enter our house.

I quarter 2020

Start of construction

IV quarter 2021



Imagine that your house has not only price, but also value, that it is passed down from generation to generation as a "family nest" or heirloom. 

“House on Meshchanskaya” - this is only 64 apartments, a closed territory, a special atmosphere of warmth, comfort and homeliness.

Very soon you will know almost all of your neighbors, and maybe you will be friends with families. 

Maybe you will even have joint traditions: get together on weekends, celebrate New Year or children's parties.

In this project, we made every effort so that you did not think about the house, but simply enjoyed life in it: thoughtful layouts, an interesting facade design with lighting, "French balconies", a courtyard parking, an economical heating system and hot water supply, a pump station and much more.

Every detail is thought out to the smallest detail, which will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated buyer. We build according to the latest building codes, where safety factors are increased by 30%.

After the completion of construction, we help to create a condominium and transfer the house to the balance of residents for self-service. Best of all who can create and maintain order and comfort in the house are only the residents themselves!




After a lull in the period of dominance of modernist architecture (approximately after the Second World War until the mid-1980s), neoclassicism experienced a certain revival.

This rebirth is visible in motion. new urbanism and the use of classic elements within postmodern architecture in an ironic way, especially in the light of the dominance of modernism.

While some continued to work with classicism ironically, some architects, such as Thomas Gordon Smith, began to seriously consider classicism.

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