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LLC "Meshchanskoy" is a customer
и генеральным подрядчиком строительства
«Дом на Мещанской»

“We are distinguished by discipline and strong project management - we give only informed promises and do not break them”

Evgeny Pichugin

С 2006 года мы построили
в Одессе и ввели в эксплуатацию
жилые комплексы:

LCD "Flower" 

st. 25th Chapaev Division, 6/1. 
Years of construction: 2006-2008.
Storeys: 18.
Number of apartments: 128 pcs.

Cottage complex
"White flower" 

st. Ak. Vavilova, 5b.
Years of construction: 2008-2010.
Storeys: 2.
Number of cottages: 140 pcs.

"House on Karetnoy" 

trans. Karetny, 21.
Years of construction: 2013-2015.
Storeys: 8.
Number of apartments: 36 pcs.

"House on Zaporizhzhya"

st. Zaporizhzhya, 21.
Years built: 2017-2019.
Storeys: 9.
Number of apartments: 48 pcs.


happy new settlers

36 thousand

square meters


workers at facilities

since 2006

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