Renovation of apartments
design project


modern classic


We will take care of everything:
from the design project
before final cleaning


An architect will work with you - he will help with the planning, select the finishing materials and control the final result

Without your

We take care of all the repairs involved: from dismantling to final cleaning

design project

You will know exactly which interior you will receive: before the repair, we will prepare a design project with furniture, light and decor

price and terms

The price and terms are fixed after the approval of the project and do not change in the process.

You can be calm
for terms and quality of work

Already repaired more than 50 apartments as a developer

We optimize work processes at construction sites

Repair is divided into stages and regulated

For 5 years we have built a transparent and easily manageable work process.

We use finishing materials only from trusted suppliers

We know exactly how many will be needed and how to work with them.

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